365+ Paint Protection is All Year Round Protection for your car

365+ Paint Protection

Due to environmental legislation the paint used on modern vehicles is less hard-wearing than it used to be. This is why it is imperative to ensure your car’s beautiful gleaming finish is protected against the harsh reality of daily use.

365+ Paint Protection maintains a glowing showroom shine for longer and with no need to wax or polish, cleaning your car will be a breeze!

Warrantied protection against;
• Damage from insect etching, tar and road grime.
• Damage from UV rays and temperature.

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365+ leather protection image

365+ Leather Protection is All Year Round Protection for your car

365+ Leather Protection

365+ Leather Protection has been created to nourish and seal the leather while preserving that new car smell. The application resists the build up of grime and stains from food and drink spills while protecting it from splitting and cracking.

At the same time 365+ Leather Protection offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays that can cause cracking and fading over time.

Warrantied protection against;
• Fading and cracking.
• Water-based stains.

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365+ window tint image

365+ Window Tint is All Year Round Protection for your car

365+ Window Tint

Nothing makes a statement on a vehicle quite like tinted windows. Fit 365+ Window Tint and look cool on the outside while you stay cool on the inside.

With an SPF of 285+ it is your ultimate protection against the sun. The unique scratch-resistant coating does not fade and resists up to 99% of all UV rays while reflecting up to 60% of the heat and glare away from the cabin.

Warrantied protection against;
• Bubbling or peeling.
• Damaging ultraviolet rays.
• Scratches and fading.

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365+ Fabric and Vinyl Protection image

365+ Interior Protection is All Year Round Protection for your car

365+ Interior Protection

365+ Fabric & Vinyl Protection provides a protective layer that will defend your car’s cabin against the rigours of daily use and the damaging rays of the Australian sun.

In addition, 365+ Fabric Protection penetrates the individual fibres of the fabric and carpets inside your new vehicle and will absorb a whole multitude of unwanted dirt, dust and odours.

Warrantied protection against;
• Water-based stains.
• Fading caused by sunlight.
• Wear and tear caused by friction.

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